Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bend it like Betty

More about the clever crow ...

Did u think you were smart ? That you are the cleverst, most intelligent species on the planet ???

Well, think again before you call someone a birdbrain. Even though a bird's brain is much smaller compared to a human brain, a young pigeon can recognise patterns and do some basic counting (not exactly counting, but they have some idea about numbers) and that is more than a 3 year old human kid can do !!!

Now about the crow in the picture - She is Betty. Betty Crow if you like (Like Sheryl Crow) (I mean not if U like Sheryl Crow, but similar to Sheryl Crow ... did u get the point ? - I guess not , anyway don't read these stuff in the brackets - they make your head hurt (Actually these type of brackets are called parenthesis - see, I told u your head will hurt)) Did I close all the brackets ?? - I hope so - anyway back to Betty.

Well, Betty here proved that she was no bird brain - she used her tiny brain to make tools - a hook !!! Using metal wire .

Just check out this video !

Betty the tool making crow (
Aother link to a video (

Also these websites about Betty !!

Bend it like Betty - not like Beckham !
Betty on CNN (
Betty and Abel (


Anonymous said...

hey thanx for posting comments...good luck wit ur research abt new species.

adarsh said...


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