Thursday, June 08, 2006

A video of the candle light protest Taken by Me !!!

A view of the circle of candle light taken from the top of Lister Annexe. You cannot see the students and residents but you can see the light they hold, as they disperse from the circle formation to fix the candles on a square platform. Anti-reservation protest.


Sairus...®`™ said...

Heeyyy man , thanx ..
i must really say i love your blog soo much .. its soo cool ..

Plzz Keepp up the great work.
agin thanx for droping by ..


John Davis said...

U r welcome !!!
Thanks for visiting. The fact that people do visit is my inspiration to blog.

RicAngel said...

Hi John thank you so much for visiting my blog!
How did you find it though?
I'll like to exchange links with i'll look forward for your answer!
Keep on with your awesome blog!
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