Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Creation

artwork copyright Joe Tucciarone

I really didn't think I'd make a blog. But finally its done. I had always thought that I'd just keep making websites that would not be updated every now and then but just made and left.

This blog , I now understand is based on a different principle - an online diary , a place to put up ones ideas and thought or 'Fundas' as I'd like to call them. I hope this one doesn't go forgotten after this very first post. Anyway check out my website . It's actually redirected to . Also see . And my email address is john da fun da @ h ot m ail . com (without the spaces ) .There is no space in that - its just a funda to fool any mass mailing softbot that hunts for email ids. Anyways, time to log off. See ya soon . (If anyone reads this , that is )

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Ancient Clown said...

Yes, my friend, you DO recognize this picture, my apologies to you. I was having trouble getting through to your comments and site(lousy computers) I usually make it a habit of asking FIRST if there is something I would like to use from someone else's site, but I was having difficulty doing that and so checked to see if it was a protected picture or open for use and had intended to get back to you before posting it, but then couldn't get you at used it anyway. But you're back and now I can officially ask what I meant to ask before;
"Do you mind if I use this picture for my post as I think it adds that extra something special?"

I WILL remove it and find another or create my own with no ill feelings if you should say no, and no explanations are neccassary from you as to why.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

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