Sunday, July 12, 2015

WhatsApp Updated features include Like, Comment and search like Facebook - and mark messages as unread

A probably German Turkish Whatsapp Beta Tester (Ilhan Pektas) from Wiesbaden, Germany tweeted about an update in the latest beta version of whatsapp which includes more Facebook like features like "Like" and "Comment" for Photos.

The above tweet translated(from German to English) means : Like button split images in WhatsApp :o #cool

One major problem with Whatsapp was the inability to delete accidental messages especially those accidentally sent to a group.

How to delete Whatsapp message accidentally sent to a group ?

Honestly, I have to say, this is a feature which is long overdue. It is ridiculously easy to accidentally send a  message to a group. Sometimes it might be a personal message. Sometimes accidentally forwarding a photo. Accidental voice message. Pocket dial voice message.

Even if you delete the message as soon as you send it(after it shows a single tick), the message stays in the group. EVEN if the administrator or group moderators delete it.

The only option as of now is to immediately disconnect your internet as soon as the message is sending when it shows the clock symbol(before even the first tick appears).

THEN, delete the message and pray that it was not sent.

Hope the Whatsapp updates find a fix for this problem. They are thinking of adding the option to mark messages as unread, so maybe this will be on the table.

Whatsapp Proper messages Search !
 In some of the latest versions of WhatsApp given out the beta testers group, global search made it debut. Usually when you tap the search icon you can only search for the names of your WhatsApp contacts. This latest version extends that search to all words in all conversations. This means finding that particular chat a breeze.

However, like the Google Drive chat backup option, this feature has since been removed, but at least we know that WhatsApp is interested in testing it. Let us know in the comments what you think of this feature and if you'd like to see it introduced permanently.

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