Monday, July 13, 2015

Selfie stick and GoPro save teen from drowning in a Riptide - no, seriously. Watch out for riptides !

Earlier this week, a teen and her father were pulled out into sea by a riptide while swimming at Surfside Beach in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

The strong outward current pulled them into the ocean, not allowing them to swim back to shore.

Fortunately, a man on the shore and the lifeguards saw the pair were in trouble.
The good samaritan used the selfie stick Erynn was still holding to pull her out of the current.

Here is the full video :

Now, rip currents don't pull you under the water like so many television shows use as a plot device; instead, they pull you away from shore very quickly. If you're ever caught in one, don't panic. You'll start drifting away from the shore and your first instinct will be to panic and try to swim back as quickly as possible. Even the best swimmers can't swim against a rip current—since you can't fight the power of the water, you have to be smarter than the water.

If you're a good swimmer and you find yourself getting pulled out to sea, you have to swim parallel to the beach so you can get out of the current. Once you escape the influence of the outbound water, you can start swimming back towards shore. If you're not able to swim out of the current, signal for help by waving (not flailing) your arms and calling out for help while you try to stay afloat. The current will eventually let up and you'll stop driving away from shore; by that point, it's a matter of being able to stay afloat long enough for help to arrive.

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