Friday, October 09, 2009

The quest for Chako Paul City drowns Chinese internetz

Chako Paul city of lesbians in Sweden is fake or not
Does the map above show Chako Paul city ? It does not ! Look carefully, its just a mythical city.

Chako Paul City is apparently a secret Swedish lesbian city.

Unknown to Swedes, indeed unknown to any Europeans, there is a secret lesbian city in Sweden called Chako Paul City. This amazing new information has recently surfaced in China where it has led to waves of men trying to book passage to the place.

Quite why hordes of randy men would want to go to a lesbian city isn't quite explained: the desire to go to one entirely composed of not lesbian women would be easier to understand.

The story is that Chako Paul City was created by a man hating widow back in 1820. It now consists of 25,000 man starved and thus sex crazed women whose deepest desire is to leave the city for a brief tryst: the only contact with men that they are allowed.

Quite how this story started is something of a mystery: although the rumors of Chako Paul City have had the obvious effect:

The mysterious 'Chako Paul City' in Sweden was said to have been founded by a wealthy, man-hating widow in 1820. A pair of blonde female sentries are said to stand guard at the town and men wishing to enter risk being "beaten half to death" by police. News reports of the city have crippled China's internet providers as millions of goggle-eyed men read up on the town's rampant women and try to find out how to get there. Foreign holidays are still strictly controlled in China but Swedish travel experts have been deluged with inquiries about the sexy city.

Our apologies to anyone who was thinking of planning a trip (and it has to be said that if true it would be an interesting place to go) but Chako Paul City doesn't exist. It's not just that it's secret and therefore we don't know about it, or that we cannot tell you about it. It simply doesn't exist.

Look in the map on the right side. If there was a Chako Paul city in Sweden, wouldn't it have been on the map of Sweden showing the location of Chako Paul city ?

What is amusing about it though is that this story about Chako Paul City is remarkably similar to some of the tall tales that the first European travellers brought back from the East. Turn and turn about perhaps: we believed absurd things at one time about China, their turn to believe them about us now.

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