Saturday, September 23, 2006

Late … almost …

He gobbled down the food – like one who has never seen it before. He had to hurry … It was time… With one eye on the watch – he saw the seconds blinking away (ticking is for non-digital watches- hah a retronym) Washing down the food with a glass of water, he ran … Within seconds he was on the open road – looking for something… Still running – but eyes searching … He knew that he had to be fast – only during a small stretch of the long road could he really hope to find what he was looking for.

He heard various vehicle sounds – each time his eyes located the sound maker to note that this was not what he wished for. The road was almost ended – if it did, then he was alone … That’s when he heard it.. his ears pricked up to locate the sound and eyes darted to it – Yeah ! Exactly what he wanted ! He reduced his pace to almost a stop and then jumped on as his target came close. “Thanks da !” , he shouted in relief, as the vehicle sped on to the class…

Thank you all my buddies who give me a lift to class when I'm late (",)

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