Friday, June 09, 2006

The Gmail Mystery !

My life has changed since I got Gmail. I mean with 2.5 GB+ of space , it should change the way u store your email ! Upload infinite number of essential files and software to the mailbox and access anywhere.

But recently, I came to see that several new features were made available to my friends' Gmails, but not to mine. Like chat ! And calendar ! And photo ! And web clips ! And more ... (actually I ran out of things to say)
I sent an email to gmail saying I haven't received these things yet ! I received a polite reply (obviously looked computer generated - there must have been googols of people out there who wanted equality who would have asked) saying that it will be activated in phases. I resigned to the fact that they didn't care about me even though I use my gmail properly like a valued customer should.

It was later (that is today to be precise) that I finally got a message from a friend advising me to change the photo which had seemingly been selected by me(that's what the server told him, he said) for my Gmail account ( it was a monkey, if u'd like to know, and must have been done by the gmail server which had been making a monkey out of me)

Click ! Revelation struck ! It said that this option was available only to English (US) users !!!!
Huh ! Since I had chosen English (UK) I cpould not get these features !!! If I can manage with British English I definitely can manage US English too !!! As the basic funda of the problem entered into my brain, I rapidly went through the vaious clicks to reach the Holy Grail - the language option in the settings page. Click, Click, Click ! It was all over within seconds (quite a few seconds, slow net connection !) And then the transformation began !!!
The transformation was unlike any I'd seen before (duh !) .
Then I finally got what I'd wanted in Gmail. End of story !

P.S. Am I using too many quotation marks ?

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Titania said...

The same happened to me but in a slightly different way... I had it all and one day decided to change it to UK English... hehehehe. Of course I lost all the features and had to go back to what I had before. Mysteries....

Anyway, I like it a lot too!

Thanks for your visit and greetings from Portugal

John Davis said...

Hi ...

Nice to find someone who's had the same experience. Came to ur blog but couldn't understand a word ! Anyways, nice pictures.

Ash said...

mmmmmmmmm.......intersting ,....englsih bias?

John Davis said...

Yup. Looks like that, huh ?
English vs English

It's time to start an English (India) category !

Gillie said...

Hi, I'm not sure I understood any of this post and I thought I was reasonably computer literate ....... obviously not and sent to the back of the class! Thanks for popping over to my blog, I've had fun reading your posts (well the ones I could understand anyway LOL!)

marcos said...

o que ? tambem nao entendi thanks for your visit in my blog

rio said... visit my blog and say in comment do you like my blog or yust sey hello,and i wish you big hello from CROATIA

White Forest said...

google is still a mystry to me as well...!!

it has lot of glitches!

garcia kafka said...

u mail this blog entry to google man.. it will be kinda eye-opening.. Good blog...
Ur comment was nice in my blog but u went into too much of technical details.. All in all i cud garner the fact that gross injustice is meted out.. LEts hope the oversight committee comes out with a better solution..

Rikki said...

exclaimation marks?
I'm so confused!

Ancient Clown said...

If you look at your messenger, as of right NOW...I AM, the first and the last. Thus showing he who is first shall be last, and he who is last shall be first...I wonder what that means.(LOL)
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

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