Friday, February 24, 2006

Procrastination is reaaallly the thief of time !!!!

I finally decided that putting off something that has to be done today really puts it off for a really long time. For example , posting an entry in this blog. How many times I would have thought - "Now I'll just have enough time to check my mail. I'll blog that wonderful idea tomorrow. Anyway I'll check my mail tomorrow." This went on for quite a long time, I can assure you. For reference check my previous (first, actually) blog posting. For a remedy, I'll need to have an electronic organiser on my mobile(or cell - can't call it just a phone now - those things have everything in them) which decides what to do at what particular time determined in a scientific manner. Now I will sit down and meditate on this thought. Adios! Lots to study too! \P. S. - I didn't have time for this blog so I copied this post from another one of my blogs.


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